Super Repair Flexible

Flexible & Elastic...stretches up to 200%
Withstands impact & vibrations
Low Odor, Low Blooming
Use on glass, mirrors, shoes, leather, hoses, sports equipment

Activator 310

CoolChem Activator 310  is used to increase and assure proper cure  of all cyanopoxy  adhesive with a special catalyst with aggressive cleaning and degreasing properties to remove surface contamination. It can be either pre- or post-applied The product is especially suited for post-application on cyanopoxy adhesive to ensure rapid and complete curing. Pre applying is recommended on porous, large bond gaps, inert surfaces or contaminated surfaces. Excellent for cosmetic application where aesthetic ( clear and transparent fillet) are needed. CoolChem Activator 310 is especially suited for post applied applications.  


CoolChem  Integrator75 is the primary chemistry of the CoolChem® Cyanopoxy® System. (Requires Activator310) CoolChem Integrator is a medium viscosity, clear surface insensitive resin designed for difficult to bond materials, which require uniform stress distribution and  where strong tension and /or shear strength are needed. CoolChem Intergator provides rapid bonding used with CoolChem activator 310 on a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics and elastomers( rubber).  CoolChem Cyanopoxy system is also suited for bonding porous materials such as wood, paper, concrete, leather and fabric. Perfectly sized for travelers, rookie Coolheads, occasional users or the industrial OEM assembly


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